We would like to thank everyone who came along. There were approximately 50 people present and a lively, informative and interactive evening meeting took place. We hope that we can maintain the momentum and keep this issue alive.

Introduction from Mr Mike Elward - Assistant Headteacher

  • E-safety will feature in the school curriculum from September 2007
  • St Crispin's using monitoring software called 'Securus'. Violations are logged and reported to the Heads of Year ( now called Directors of Achievement and Well Being (DAWs). Parents are informed where necessary.
  • Assemblies are given on the subject of 'Using the Internet'
  • Wokingham Authority are meeting with St Crispin's very soon to see what can be done for all parents and carers in the Wokingham district.

Presentation from Mr Toby Treacher - Dt3 available here -->

The presentation focussed mainly on 'Social Networking' sites such as Bebo, MySpace and Facebook. Toby demonstrated what a typical young person's profile might look like before and after it had been 'pimped' (customised). He mentioned the possible dangers and the positives. Toby invited the audience to ask questions and share their views regarding this issue. Toby also made some suggestions regarding what parents can do to get involved in their childrens' activities and monitor what is going on.

Notes from the Discussion Session

Members of the audience were asked to come up with good and bad points about the Internet. Here is the list of suggestions that they came up with:

Research e.g. Wikipedia and Information Sharing
Information is not always accurate
Shopping and Banking
Up to date news
Anti social - can take the place of face to face
Available 24/7
Illegal file downloads
Easy access
Use of language i.e. txt speak
Quick and cheap
Constantly changing
Music and Entertainment
Stranger danger
What can parents do?

  • Use the Operating system software e.g. Windows XP, to set up different users and make sure that only the adult has administrative rights.
  • Talk to the youngsters about what they are doing. Take an interest and let them 'show off' their creative talents to you.
  • Use filtering and monitoring software
  • Set up time restrictions on for example the use of MSN.