The School Mission Statement
To create a caring environment in which students, staff and parents work together to enable students of all abilities reach their maximum potential and develop self-esteem, confidence and maturity.

Digital Parents/Guardians

Evening at St Crispin's School on Wednesday 13th June, 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Click Here for details of the evening.

Some useful resources:

Childnet presentation for parents

'Know IT All for Parents', a parents' guide to getting the most out of the Internet and to keeping children safe online and on their mobile phones.

Discussions on the ParentsCentre website

Advice from the Kidsmart site

Advice from GetNetWise

Safety Tips on the Bebo site

List of social networking sites

For younger children, why not try the interactive and fun Disney Surfswell Island site.

Also for children, there is the excellent Thinkuknow site. This website is from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and contains loads of information on internet safety and safe surfing for young people. All hot topics about online safety are covered – including mobiles, blogging and gaming sites – and contact details if young people want to report any concerns that they might have.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) - as part of their strategy to tackle child sex abuse they provide advice on Internet Safety to parents and carers.

Useful Software:

List taken from the St Crispin's school website

Google Earth

Google SketchUp free 3D design software used in school. Easy to use and great fun to use.

Excellent free web filtering software - k9


Desktop Snooper - A very generous offer from one of our parents: For a £5 donation to St Crispin's School fund we will give you the website link from which you can download the full version of the software. Having received the donation we will send you the link via email. Please send the donation to the school office.


How can the school support parents and guardians?


Professional support for users of IT in the home from dt3

The School Internet Safety Policy:

**The School Policy**

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